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The article falls prey to an atomistic theory of Amazon. The thinking goes like this: I am an atom, and Amazon is a (much) larger atom. Because Amazon is so much larger than I am, I need some intervening force to ensure that Amazon does not prey on me. government) in order to check Amazon’s power. The atomistic lens sees individuals as interchangeable and isolated from each other, able to be considered one at a time.

Foer’s application of this theory appears in his treatment of Hayek, one of the staunchest opponents of aggregation and atomism. For example, when he summarizes Hayek’s paper “The Use of Knowledge in Society,” he phrases Hayek’s argument as that ” coque iphone 6s kenzo transparente bureaucracy could ever match the miracle of markets, which spontaneously and efficiently aggregate the knowledge of a society.” Hayek found the notion of aggregation highly problematic, as seen in another of his articles, “Competition as a Discovery Procedure,” in which he criticizes the idea of a “scientific” objective approach to measuring market variables. His argument against trying to build a science on macroeconomic variables notes that ” coarse structure of the economy can exhibit no regularities that are not the results of the fine structure and that those aggregate or mean values give us no information about what takes place in the fine structure.”

Neither Amazon nor the market can aggregate the knowledge of a society. We can try to speak of the market in aggregate terms, but we end up summing up all of the differences between individuals and concealing the action coque personnalisees iphone and agency of the individuals at the bottom. We cannot speak of market activity without reference to the patterns of individual interactions. It is best to think of the market as an emergent, unintended outcome of a constellation of individual actors, not atoms, each of whom have different talents, wants, knowledge, and resources. Actors enter coque iphone 5s pour fille nike into exchanges with each other and form complicated, semi rigid, multi leveled social networks.

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[originally published on Plaintexton June 21, 2017.]

This summer, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of two developments that gave us the modern Internet as we know it. coque pretty little liars iphone 8 One was a court case that guaranteed online speech would flow freely, without government prior restraints or censorship threats. The other was an official White House framework for digital markets that ensured the free movement of goods and services online.

The result of these two vital policy decisions coque iphone 7 360 transparente was an unprecedented explosion of speech freedoms and commercial opportunities that we continue to enjoy the benefits of twenty years later.

While it is easy coque iphone 6s plus portefeuille detachable to take all this for granted today, it is worth remembering that, in the long arc of human history, no technology or medium has more rapidly expanded the range of human liberties both speech and commercial liberties than the Internet and digital technologies. But things could have turned out much differently if not for the crucially important policy choices the United States made for the Internet two decades ago. Continue reading Today, TechFreedom joined a coalition of over 40 organizations from across the country in urging Senate leadership to permanently ban taxes on Internet access. In a letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Harry Reid, the coalition voiced support for a permanent extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA), which bans states and localities from imposing Internet access taxes and discriminatory taxes on electronic commerce. 644, the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act.

After decades of progress in connecting more Americans to the Internet, the lack of a permanent ban on Internet access taxes could reverse this progress. Numerous studies continue to show that cost remains an obstacle to Internet access and, if taxes on the Internet go up, even fewer people will be able to afford to go online. This would impede our nation’s long held goal of universal Internet access.

“Americans’ broadband bills shouldn’t be used as bargaining chips by Senators who want to impose online sales taxes,” said Tom Struble, Policy Counsel at TechFreedom. “For 17 years, the Internet access tax ban has helped encourage broadband adoption and investment. If Senators want an online sales tax, then pass it on the merits but handcuffing a broadband tax with sales tax is irresponsible. Consumers are already facing the prospect of higher bills, as the FCC is likely to soon impose universal service fees on broadband as part of its Title II regime imposed in the name of ‘net neutrality.’ Let’s not make that problem worse. The Senate should act quickly to end the uncertainty and pass permanent, Internet tax freedom.”

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is taking a more coque iphone 8 plus image active interest in coque iphone 8 state and local barriers to entry and innovation coque iphone 6 ecran verre trempé that could threaten the continued growth of the digital economy in general and the sharing economy in particular. The agency recently announced it would be hosting aJune 9th workshop examine competition, consumer coques personnalisees iphone 7 8 protection, and economic issues raised by the proliferation of online and mobile peer to peer business platforms in certain sectors of the [sharing] economy. Filings are due to the agency in this matter by May 26th. (Along with my Mercatus Center colleagues, I will be submitting comments and also releasing a big paper on reputational feedback mechanisms that same week. We have already released this paper on the general topic.)

Relatedly, just yesterday, the FTC sent a letterto Michigan policymakers about restricting entry by Tesla and other direct to consumer sellers of vehicles. The agency argues that:

consumers are the ones best situated to choose for themselves both thevehicles they want to buy and how they want to buy them. Automobile manufacturers have an economic incentive to respond to consumer preferences by choosing the most effective distribution method for their vehicle coque iphone 7 fleur noir brands. Absent supportable public policy considerations, the law should permit automobile manufacturers to choose their distribution method to be responsive to the desires of motor vehicle buyers.

The agency cites the body of research on these issues strongly suggests that government restrictions on distribution are rarely desirable for consumers and the staff letter continues on to utterly demolish the bogus arguments set forth by defenders of the blatantly self serving, cronyist law. The same is increasingly true for innovation. Innovators can, and increasingly will, move to those countries and continents that provide a legal and regulatory environment more hospitable to entrepreneurial activity. We can think of this as innovation arbitrage, as venture capitalist Marc Andreessen has aptly explained:

Think of it as a sort of “global arbitrage” around permissionless innovation the freedom to create new technologies without having to ask the powers that be for their blessing. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the difference between opportunities in different regions, where innovation in a particular domain of interest may be restricted in one region, allowed and encouraged in another, or completely legal in still another.

One of the more vivid recent examples ofglobal innovation arbitrage coque iphone 5s tournesol involves the well known example of23andMe, whichsells mail order DNA testing kits to allow people to learn more about their genetic history and predisposition to various diseases. Byrne provides insight into how Bitcoin lowers transaction costs, making it beneficial to both retailers and consumers, and how governments are attempting to limit access to Bitcoin.

[The following essay is a guest post from Dan Rothschild, director of state projects and a senior fellow with the R Street Institute.]

As anyone who’s lived in a major coastal American city knows, apartment renting is about as far from an unregulated free market as you can get. Legal and regulatory stipulations govern rents and rent increases, what coque relief iphone 8 can and cannot be included in a lease, even what constitutes a bedroom. And while the costs and benefits of most housing policies can be debated and deliberated, it’s generally well coque iphone 6s chieuse known that housing rentals are subject toextensive regulation.

But some San Francisco tenants have recently learned that, in addition to their civil responsibilities under the law, coque huawei p20 their failure to live up to some parts of the city’s housing code may trigger harsh criminal penalties as well. To wit: tenants who have been subletting out part or all of their apartments on a short term coque iphone 8 madame basis, usually through web sites like Airbnb, are finding themselves being given 72 hours to vacatetheir (often coque iphone 6 rent controlled) homes.

San Francisco’s housing stock is one of themost highly coque iphone 6 silicone protectrice regulated in the country. The city uses a number of tools to preserve affordable housing and control rents, while at the same time largely prohibiting higher buildings that would bring more units online, increasing supply and lowering prices. California’sEllis Actprovides virtually the only legal and effective means of getting tenants (especially those benefiting from rent control) out of their units but it has theperverse incentiveof causing landlords to demolish otherwise useable coque iphone 6 6s nike housing stock.

Again, the efficiency and equity ramifications of these policies can be discussed; the fact that demand curves slope downward, however, is really not up for debate.

UnderSan Francisco’s municipal codeit may be a coque iphone 8 plus unique crime punishable by jail time to rent an apartment on a short term basis. More importantly, it gives landlords the excuse they need to evict tenants they otherwise can’t under the city’s and state’s rigorous tenant protection laws. After all, they’re criminals!..