Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator. We have played some strange games over many years, but Panzermadels:

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator. We have played some strange games over many years, but Panzermadels:

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Tank Dating Simulator might you should be the weirdest! You have got heard about dating sims and novel that is visual, right?

Well, this is certainly just what we now have right here except that one features a premise unlike such a thing We have ever experienced.

Tank Woman, Not Lori Petty

To begin with, thumbs up if you can get my reference that is dated there. Okay, therefore remain beside me right here when I explain exactly what the offer with this specific game is. The key character regarding the game is really a son by the title of Erwin Lemmor in which he has simply used in a rather prestigious armed forces school where he could be planning to read about the tanks of World War II. Ok to date all of this seems normal appropriate and you are clearly probably thinking about him romancing the other students… that you will be reading. Well, that isn’t precisely the situation. You may be learning tanks, however these tanks all appear to be hot schoolgirls that are japanese. Yep, that is correct in this game the tanks are girls!

Tanks From Throughout! That Is One Great Couple Of Tanks!

The most things that are fun this video game may be the character associated with the girls, after all tanks! The truth is each girl/tank is dependent on a real real-life World War II tank. The charm of Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator is actually obvious right here once the girls each have actually a huge amount of personality and every you’ve got many stereotypes of this national nation which they represent. The writing is excellent in addition to tale, for the many component, made me have a huge look on my face your whole time I happened to be playing it. My complaint that is only about tale is the fact that it really is over means too rapidly!

You are doing needless to say get to connect with your tank girls, however the game isn’t visual or higher the most notable like a number of other novel that is visual sims are. There clearly was a tongue that is real cheek thing in regards to the whole game and that’s one thing i must say i do like.

Girls all look great, We have founded that, nevertheless the art, generally speaking, is quite impressive and I also genuinely believe that Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator in fact is a great searching game. These girls have the ability to walk (on foot perhaps perhaps not treads) the fine line between being sweet, funny and super-hot. This really is one thing We have seen other games take to but often fail.

I must say I have always been at a loss for terms that a casino game like Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator also exists. I understand calling something similar to this a “game” is a little of a stretch, but if you want artistic novels, you’re in for a delicacy right here. The premise is simply insane, nevertheless the game is fully alert to this and thus, you’re going to be smiling the entire time you want to show your tank knowledge…. Even while starting up together with them!

Final Score 8.5/10

  • The overall game is mostly about tanks that seem like girls
  • The” that is“history really pretty spot on
  • It simply oozes charm, sex and cuteness appeal
  • The writing is excellent
  • You will definitely love the creative art form of the overall game
  • The ending isn’t the most readily useful
  • The overall game is just a little from the brief side

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